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We allow the smoking of cigarettes and e-cigarettes on our premises. If you decide to smoke either one, please only do so in our designated smoking areas. Be advised, we do not allow the smoking of cigars, pipes, clove cigarettes or anything deemed illegal by our statist overlords. For the convenience of our customers who do smoke, we also sell cigarettes on-premise.


If your personal preference is to avoid being around any amount of cigarette smoke (or vapor from e-cigarettes), then The Vortex may not be the place for you. But don’t be sad. There are literally hundreds of “smoke-free” establishments in town that will happily welcome you and your business. Freedom of choice is a beautiful thing.


Ultimately, we feel that matters of personal risk assessment are best left to the individual, not the State. We believe that sovereign individuals must have supreme authority over their personal choices with regard to their own body, life and behavior, without the interference of governing powers. As advocates for this kind of freedom, we are deeply concerned that more citizens do not seem to understand the real dangers of coercive legislation. Any time you create a State apparatus capable of repression, it will inevitably fall into the hands of bullies, busy-bodies and tyrants. History has proven this time and time again.

Second-Hand Smoke is better than Second-Hand Fascism.


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