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So far, it seems our supporters are highly in favor of our “21-and-over” policy change. We have even received some very nice, rational comments from fans under 21, like the email we got from Kristen. She said, “I understand why you guys are changing The Vortex to be 21 or older, but just know that I’m going to miss it big time. I’ll be back in a year and 4 months though! My friends and I absolutely love coming here. Thanks for everything you do!” Nice, right? Kristen is the type of person that makes running our business so rewarding. Kristen is a true fan of The Vortex. Let’s just come right out and say it – we love Kristen.

On the flipside, I’ve seen comments that make me wonder why people bother following us on Facebook. Do they even understand what the “like” button means? I don’t think they do. I find the strangest responses to be the ones filled with anger and outrage. How is that even a remotely appropriate reaction to a policy change at a bar? After all, it’s just a policy change at a bar. If these crazy bastards are that easily outraged, maybe liquor consumption is not the best choice for them in the first place.

Disappointed, I get. I can even appreciate frustrated. But outraged? I do not understand outraged. The world provides no shortage of terrible things to be outraged about, and in the right context outrage can be morally appropriate. So, save your outrage for the fact that our government spies on every one of us every day. Save your outrage for the fact that “asset forfeiture” is legal. Save your outrage for something that actually matters. In the grand scheme of things, our age policy doesn’t matter. Not even a little bit. We just sell burgers and beer, man. Burgers and beer. Take a deep breath. Everything will be okay.