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After moving to Atlanta from Los Angeles, three siblings decided to open The Vortex because it seemed like a better idea than looking for jobs. They reasoned that hanging-out in a bar every day would be more fun than “going to work,” and they really wanted to enjoy life in their newly adopted city. With that being the extent of our founder’s business plan, we have never taken ourselves too seriously. The Vortex is simply a cool, casual bar with a unique atmosphere, that was designed to be enjoyed by decent, fun-loving adults. No pretense. No nonsense. Service is hospitable, but may also be a little quirky or sassy at times. The relationships we have with our patrons are authentic and genuine. Over the years, some customers and staff have even morphed into an extended family of sorts – although a slightly unorthodox one. Everyone is welcome to get sucked into The Vortex and join the party. Just be over 21, and be nice.


The Vortex is Atlanta’s premier bar and burger joint. We grill up the best damn burgers in town, offer a huge selection of beer, spirits and specialty cocktails, and serve some ridiculously indulgent bar food. Basically everything we offer is bad for you. It’s the kind of place your momma warned you about. We have always tried to be as transparent as possible about what we do here. We’re certainly not trying to fool anyone into becoming a patron. So, if you’re looking for fine dining, health food, vegan or vegetarian dishes, or gluten-free options, The Vortex is probably not the place for you. No hard feelings. We just do what we do for the people who love what we do – our loyal Vortex fans.


In an attempt to keep the good times rolling, the owners declared The Vortex an official “Idiot-Free Zone” very early on, and we have remained committed to this policy ever since. We have compiled a set of “House Rules” that help explain what customers can expect when visiting The Vortex. These policies can be found throughout this website, so feel free to poke around. To be clear, not only do our loyal fans know how to behave when they go out, but they really appreciate our approach to dealing with all the idiots who don’t. And they understand, that on occasion, we may need to throw someone out of our bar to protect the experience for everyone else. Disrespect and entitlement have no place at The Vortex. We just want everyone to play nicely together. We really don’t think that’s too much to ask.


The Vortex is one of Atlanta’s truly authentic institutions. We’ve been serving burgers and booze since 1992, and we are very proud that we’ve been supported by such a wide variety of awesome individuals over all these years. We are truly grateful that our efforts have always been appreciated, and we consider it a great privilege to share in the lives of our devoted patrons each and every day. After all, we owe our success to the continued love and support of these beautiful people. Everything we do, every decision we make, is always in an attempt to provide our supporters with the fun and unique experience they’ve come to expect from our quirky little neighborhood bars. At The Vortex, we love our faithful fans and they love us right back. When it comes right down to it, The Vortex really is all about the love.


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