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Both locations of The Vortex (Midtown and Little 5 Points) are bars designed for adults. Therefore, we restrict access to patrons 21-and-over at all times. This means you cannot bring your children, toddlers or infants with you until after they turn twenty-one, even if they are already drinking all your booze at home. This includes patio areas as well. The whole joint. All day. Every day. No kids. No exceptions. Really.


All patrons will be required to present proper identification. If there is no host or security personnel at the entrance, and you seat yourself, your server will check your ID at the table (or bar) – so, please have it availableNo ID = No service. So, if you didn’t bring your ID with you, and are denied access to The Vortex, it’s your own damned fault for being a dumb-ass. Who doesn’t carry ID?


When checking identification, The Vortex will only accept IDs that are acceptable under Georgia state law. “Pursuant to O.C.G.A. 3-3-23(d), proper identification means any document issued by a governmental agency containing a description of the person, such person’s photograph, or both, and giving such person’s date of birth and includes, without being limited to, a passport, military identification card, driver’s license, or an identification card authorized under O.G.G.A. 40-5-100 through 40-5-104.”


For clarification purposes, the following specific items constitute acceptable forms of identification under Georgia state law.

  • Valid driver’s license, instruction permit, or ID card issued by any U.S. state, U.S. territory or the District of Columbia
  • Valid Georgia temporary driver’s license
  • Valid driver’s license or ID card of any nation
  • Valid passport of any nation
  • Valid U.S. armed forces ID card
  • Valid Merchant Marine/Coast Guard ID card
  • Valid state-issued concealed carry permit that contains a photograph and DOB of the bearer


Any identification document that does not meet the requirements for “Acceptable Forms of Identification” noted above will not be acceptable. For clarification purposes, the following specific items also constitute unacceptable forms of identification under Georgia state law.

  • Any form of ID that has expired
  • Photocopied, falsified or otherwise altered ID
  • Digital images of ID on a camera or cellphone
  • Library cards, membership cards or credit cards
  • Student ID cards, foreign or domestic
  • DUI paperwork or other traffic citations
  • Birth certificates
  • Notes from your mom


In some instances when issuing a Driver’s License to those under 21 years of age, state governments will include an “UNDER 21” notation directly on the license, or print the license in a vertical format. As long as the owner of the license has actually turned 21, and the license has not expired, these licenses can be used to gain admittance to The Vortex. We can do basic math. If the host or security gives you any trouble, just ask to speak with the manager.


Don’t barf in our bar. And don’t make us cut you off. We will if you get sloppy. So do everyone a favor and cut yourself off before you start acting like a damned fool. If you’re going to be drinking we suggest you designate a driver, or use a ride sharing service like Uber or Lyft. Impaired driving is dangerous, and DUI’s suck. Waking up in your own warm bed is always better than waking up in county jail. So, be safe and be smart. Never drive impaired.


The Vortex is required to obey a variety of Liquor Laws to maintain our Liquor License in good standing. The livelihood of a whole bunch of really nice people depends on it. You may be unaware of some of these laws, so we have compiled the following list for your review.


The Vortex is prohibited by law from selling alcoholic beverages “to-go,” with the single exception of opened bottles of wine that are not finished when dining with us. These bottles may be re-corked and taken home by the customer. No other alcohol may leave our premises at any time.


The Vortex is prohibited by law from selling alcoholic beverages to anyone that is visibly intoxicated. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse the service of alcohol to anyone, at any time – at our sole discretion. Do everyone a favor and cut yourself off, before you start acting like an idiot.


If our security personnel, host or manager believes you might be under the influence of alcohol or drugs before you have entered the premises, we reserve the right to refuse admittance – at our sole discretion.


Local government dictates the final closing times that must be adhered to by all Liquor License holders. The Vortex is currently required to make “Last Call” no later than 2:30 am, Monday through Saturday (nights), and all customers must be off our premises by 3:00 am. While our posted closing time may be earlier than that on certain nights, 3:00 am is the latest time customers are EVER legally allowed to remain on our premises.


On Sunday night, all customers must be off our premises by midnight. That’s also the law. We’re not sure why Sunday night is different than every other night, but apparently it is. So, while we’d love to let you hang out longer, that would be illegal. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.


Michael wrote a blog to help kids who are new to the bar scene learn how to drink like a pro. You can read it HERE. His hope is that this tutorial will help reduce the number of “amateurs” stumbling in and out of The Vortex, and all the other bars in Atlanta. But the guidelines described in this blog are actually good for patrons of all ages.


At 21, the United States has the highest minimum drinking age of all the industrialized nations on earth. It is interesting that at 18 years of age, U.S. citizens are considered responsible enough to be treated as an adult by our judicial system, to enter into legally binding contracts, to serve on a jury, to vote in elections, to purchase and smoke cigarettes, to sign for loans and take on debt, and to put on a uniform and serve in the military, but they are absolutely not responsible enough to enjoy a craft beer at their favorite local bar. Sure, that seems legit.



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