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Members of the media may request various marketing materials, including, but not necessarily limited to, Vortex photographs, Vortex logos and other related company graphics.


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The Vortex is available as a film location for professional production companies. A “Location Fee” will always be required for this type of usage. NOTE: Production companies wishing to specifically feature The Vortex in a television show (or other media) are generally welcomed in partnership, and may be free to film in either Vortex location. For further information on filming at The Vortex in any regard, please contact the Marketing Manager.


We generally don’t discourage hobby bloggers from posting about The Vortex. They come in all the time. But, if you feel your blog has commercial value, and would like to discuss various forms of compensation, this must always be done through our Marketing Manager in advance. Any and all official agreements will be in writing, and specifically itemized. There are no verbal contracts, and nothing should ever be assumed by anyone. If you have not negotiated any special arrangement, you should expect to receive a bill, at normal purchase prices, for everything you order. If we have negotiated a comp or discount, you should tip your server based on what your original bill would have been without the discount.
No written Agreement = No free stuff.


The Vortex welcomes patrons to take photographs and/or video recordings with their smartphones for use on their personal social media pages, but this may ONLY be done within their own party. Patrons are not permitted to photograph, film or otherwise record anyone on the premises that does not wish to be filmed or recorded. Management reserves the right to revoke permission to take pictures or otherwise record on our premises at any time. If a patron is distracting members of our staff, or is disturbing, harassing or annoying other customers in any way, they may be asked to leave the premises at the sole discretion of management. Any other type of photography or recording must be approved in advance by the company.


For your convenience we have listed some the things folks in the media have written about The Vortex over the years. Enjoy.

“Serving a variety of imaginative burgers for more than 25 years has earned The Vortex Bar & Grill the nickname ‘the Godfather of Atlanta Burger Joints.’ ”
Atlanta Business Chronicle

“Burgers and more burgers, a visually crazy atmosphere, and late-night service make the Vortex an Atlanta icon.”

”If you’re in Atlanta, and you wanna go for a Great Burger, I’d say hands down go to The Vortex.“
Adam Richman
Man vs. Food

At The Vortex, they didn’t invent the burger, but they were among the first in Atlanta to deliver a high quality, dare I say ‘gourmet’ burger. They’ve been doing it, and doing it well, since 1992.”
– Fox 5 Atlanta
Burgers With Buck

“No story about burgers in our city would ever be complete without mentioning the Godfather of all Atlanta burger joints; The Vortex Bar & Grill… It’s hard not to wonder if the recent explosion of specialty burger restaurants in our city would have happened if it wasn’t for the trailblazing efforts of this locally cherished institution.”
INsite Magazine

“If you’re looking for a good burger in the ATL, take your pick from our city’s embarrassment of riches. But to legions of carnivores, the Vortex Bar & Grill remains, very simply, the best of the best. The Vortex still holds its own against the hipper burger-boom boutiques that have since inundated the city’s restaurant-scape.”
Serious Eats

“Atlanta’s most famous burger spot… The Vortex has taken burger gimmickry to a new level, but the real appeal is that the burgers are very good. The patties use quality beef, are always hand-formed and grilled over live fire. The Vortex has never forgotten its bar roots, and the drink menu is as big as the food menu, which is saying something.”
– USA Today

“An NC-17 joint cluttered with Americana memorabilia, where alterna-hipsters mingle alongside Texas tourists and Morehouse College steppers at the Godfather of Atlanta burger joints.”
Lonely Planet

“An overwhelming favorite, The Vortex is an Atlanta staple. There are two locations – Midtown and Little Five Points – that serve up equally delicious (and creative) burgers.”
ATL Insider

“There are few bars in the Southeast, heck even in the US that compare with the Vortex for an atmospheric grasp on the jukin’ counter-culture that thrived before the current non-smoking restaurant-bar concept. Kudos to the Vortex for keeping it real.”
Independent Restaurant Review

“If you just turned 21 and you’re feeling super edgy, this is the place for you. Posters of half naked girls, smoking bar, and killer burgers. You can’t go wrong.”
Spoon University
28 Things You Need To Eat In ATL Before You Die (#3)

“After over 25 years, Atlanta’s favorite ‘idiot-free zone’ is still considered tops in the city, according to our readers who voted it No. 1 for a great burger.”
Georgia Voice

“You can really only have swagger like that if you have the goods to back it up: their burgers do just that.”
CBS Atlanta

“The Vortex offers several quality burger options, but bold diners will try the Triple Bypass: three patties, three fried eggs, 14 slices of American cheese, 10 slices of bacon, two grilled-cheese sandwiches serving as buns. You might want to consult your cardiologist after reading that.”
Eater Atlanta
15 of Atlanta’s Most Iconic Burgers (#11)

“The Double Bypass Burger from The Vortex: Half a pound of sirloin patty topped with 2 fried eggs, 6 slices of American cheese, and eight slices of bacon. Oh, I almost forgot, instead of a bun, it’s held together with 2 grilled cheese sandwiches. My Heart!”
– Matador Network
50 of the Most Amazing Burger Joints in the World (Atlanta, GA)

“This adults-only burger joint serves up the best burgers in Atlanta.”
Spoon University
The Most Iconic Restaurant in Every State (Georgia)

“So, if you’re in the mood, come savor an artery-clogging burger, puff on a smoke at the bar, maybe even gawk at stripper pics. Just don’t bring Junior — unless he’s 21.”

“If you are feeling tipsy from the plethora of alcoholic beverages offered, indulge yourself in the copious bar food options. Just know when heading over to The Vortex, you’re heading into another world, and let me tell you, you’ll like it.”

“When there’s an entire section of the menu dedicated to ‘bypass burgers,’ you know you’re in for some serious beef. The signature Coronary Bypass burger comes complete with a half-pound of meat, fried egg, three slices of cheese, and four slices of bacon.”
Business Insider
The 50 Best Burger Joints in America (#16)

“Pretty much anyone I knew from Atlanta told me I had to go here. ‘You walk into a skull, man,’ said one friend. ‘It’s an Atlanta legend,’ said another chef. And yes, I did walk into a skull …and, as such, I guess I got sucked into the Vortex.”
– Thrillist

“The burger joint is well-known for giving its patrons a great experience. The restaurant now has two locations, has been rocking for 20 years and is consistently a local favorite. Burgers abound on the menu at The Vortex, with several having become legends, but The Coronary Bypass remains as one of the best anywhere.”
The Culture Trip
The 10 Best Places For Burgers in Atlanta

“Serving burgers and booze since 1992, The Vortex has earned its reputation as the godfather of all Atlanta burger joints…
Being bad never felt so good! Everything at the Vortex is notoriously unhealthy, but man oh man is it delicious.”
Voyage ATL

“The Vortex which has two Atlanta locations, is a crazy place. The Hell’s Fury burger is a gargantuan half-pound patty of choice sirloin, topped with pepper jack cheese, something called ‘Atomic Death Sauce,’ habanero relish, and a whole roasted jalapeño. Not for the faint of heart, but if you’re into spicy food, this very well might be the tastiest burger you’ll ever encounter.
The Daily Meal
The 101 Best Burgers in America (#79)

“The Vortex’s 20-foot laughing skull facade has become an Atlanta landmark. Try one of their burgers, which are some of Atlanta’s favorites, but don’t bring the kiddos—this is an adults-only kind of joint.”
Mail Chimp
Places That Make Atlanta Home

“For lunch, try some of Atlanta’s best burgers and beers at The Vortex Bar & Grill.”
Southern Living

“And for beer and a burger that hits the spot anytime, every time, The Vortex retains its status among the city’s best, even during the recent hamburger hysteria.”
Draft Magazine

“The Vortex is a badass burger joint with some of the most creative and innovative sandwiches in town. The Rock and Roll attitude has seeped into the décor, the atmosphere, and most importantly the menu.”
Atlanta Eats

“People have referred to us as the Godfather of Atlanta burger joints because we kind of started it, and now the amount of places that either specialize in or offer gourmet burgers on their menu… it’s gone crazy.”
Atlanta Magazine

“… a kind of Mad Max’s lair for the politically incorrect.”
Creative Loafing

“In no small way, is Michael Benoit, a BIG & TALL reason that Church (it’s a bar!) is here today. If it weren’t for Michael’s generosity of spirit, knowledge, and resources when I decided to open up my bar, and giving me the courage to not only say fuck fear, but to actually fuck fear, then Church wouldn’t be here today. Please join me in congratulating and celebrating this helluva’man! Thank you Michael, from the heart of my bottom.”
– Grant Henry, aka Sister Louisa


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Below you will find links to Official Company Statements issued by The Vortex regarding various incidents.
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