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An incident occurred recently at The Vortex that has become a topic of conversation on social media. To help avoid any misinformation, the following is our official statement.

On July 6, 2017, we received a complaint, via email, from a customer named Kristina. In her email she conveyed a story about receiving poor service on the previous day, from a server named Gaven. She felt that Gaven’s negative attitude may have reflected a racist attitude on his part. She further explained, that due to her dissatisfaction with his service, instead of adding a tip in the tip line of her credit card slip, she wrote “Treat everyone the same.” She further reported that after she had left The Vortex, apparently Gaven had shared the note on Kristina’s charge slip with his boyfriend Patrick, who happened to be dining in Gaven’s section at the same time. After reading Kristina’s message, it seems that Patrick took it upon himself to find Kristina on Facebook and proceeded to send her hostile and ignorant messages, which were saved in screen shots.

At this point I think it’s important to clarify that Gaven had only been employed at The Vortex for a matter of weeks. And Patrick has never been employed by us at all. At The Vortex, we have developed a detailed set of training materials regarding proper service and acceptable employee behavior. Of course, none of Gaven’s behavior was acceptable, or condoned by us.

We rely on our loyal patrons to make us aware of any bad behavior they may witness on the part of our staff. This gives us the opportunity to investigate these situations, and take whatever corrective action is appropriate. Being attentive to the concerns of our customers has helped us maintain a quality experience for all of our guests over the past 25 years. Below is the email reply, sent out on the same day (7/6/17) by one of The Vortex co-owners:

We sincerely appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention. Our goal has always been to foster an atmosphere of fun and mutual respect at The Vortex. We completely agree with the sentiment “treat everyone the same” and strictly demand it of our staff, with no exceptions. It seems as though we did not deliver on that promise during your recent visit. Gaven is a new employee who apparently does not understand our mission. In no event will we ever tolerate our patrons being bullied or harassed by anyone, including friends or family of our staff. We take this matter very seriously and will be taking swift corrective action. Rest assured, Gaven and Patrick will not be allowed to return to The Vortex. We hope this will not deter you from patronizing The Vortex again in the future. We would be happy to provide you with a Vortex Gift Certificate in an attempt to apologize for this unfortunate experience.”

The General Manager then followed-up with a phone call to Kristina, to make sure that she had received the owner’s reply, and to get a mailing address for the Gift Certificate, which was sent out immediately. In an attempt to avoid the chance of allowing Gaven the opportunity to upset any more customers, the General Manager then called him in on his day off to serve him with a separation notice. His employment was terminated for gross misconduct, with the understanding that he is not welcome to return to the premises. Because Patrick is not an employee, we had our attorney draft a notice of criminal trespass, which was sent to Patrick explaining that he is also no longer allowed on our property.

Unfortunately, some people are just awful. So, all we can do is just keep trying to be good to one another.

The customer that had notified us of the poor service she received posted a follow-up comment on her Facebook page about this matter on July 26, 2017. The pertinent quote is as follows: “Since sharing this story and hearing from another patron that also had a terrible experience with the same waiter, I determined The Vortex incident was more of a customer service issue rather than a race issue.”


  1. Dr. Ashley N. Baker says:

    Thank you for this information and for clarifying all the information.

    1. Kayla Curtis says:

      We truly appreciate this letter and for clarifying!

  2. Caron clements says:

    Thank you sir for your reactions for my niece cause she was very upset she is not a confusing person neither does she like confusion she is not agamentive again thank you

    1. Adonay says:

      I’m a black man who goes to vortex weekly with my son after school for his burger. The staff are amazing to me and my son who’s 5 years old and can’t dine there do to the place being a bar and allow people to smoke. We get his burger to go and I’ll wait in the car and your staff will come outside to hand deliver it to us. There so amazing they even know my sons name and always high 5 him and treat him with love. As a business owner of edgewood pizza I give vortex a 5 star. I read this and disturbed by this idiot waiter and his boyfriend. I’m so glad you guys handled the situation with class.

  3. Danielle says:

    Great job Vortex with handeling this unfortunate incident.

  4. Donna says:

    Great job vortex and mangers now I’m coming to visit there after seeing how y’all taken care of the matter stupid employee glad he’s gone !!!!

  5. Tish says:

    Thank you for taking care of this matter.

  6. Tiffany says:

    Wonderful response. Kudos.

  7. Derrick Watts says:

    Awesome Job Vortex!!! First Class Management and Owner!! You will continue to have my business!! And I will tell others to come to this location! Salute!

    1. Why did they assume that the waiter was racist , maybe he just had a bad attitude.

      1. Your mom says:

        I’m pretty sure he got more in trouble for giving the customer info to his bf and for overall being a shitty person. He may not be racist but he is just a shitty server.

      2. Cheri says:

        I think because other customers that were white were treated better. This guy has an attitude that needs adjusting!

      3. Jakki says:

        Because he swerved the white patron glasses of ice water while serving the Black patrons cups of room temp water on a hot day. When they asked for a glasses of ice water, he returned with a bad attitude & worse service.

      4. Hiram says:

        Maybe you’re making excuses for him. The facts still remain that his service was poor, and his subsequent actions were even worse! I now assume that you have a bad attitude and condone others!

      5. Joy says:

        Bad attitude or not, while you are at work it’s your job and no customer should have to put up with anything that does not have to do with them being served properly. Point blank.

      6. Britt says:

        Thats what I thought too…kinda shows you the turmoil our country is in right now.

      7. Christina brown says:

        Well, I think that’s what was determined later on!

  8. David says:

    Major, MAJOR props to Vortex

    1. Don says:

      On boy! Here we go!

  9. Chrissy says:

    Thank you for clarifying and taking the proper measures to insure all diners feel welcome and have a positive experience! I’m glad to hear that Vortex doesn’t tolerate such behavior.

    1. Don says:

      On boy! Here we go!

  10. Vonnie says:

    Great job!

  11. Kayla says:

    I am glad this incident was taking seriously. As a consumer if you are ever discriminated against I know it can be uncomfortable to speak up about this but we have to speak up. Thank you for speaking up Kristina.

  12. Chris says:

    Thank you for being a responsible business.

  13. Alexandro says:

    Thank you for the information

  14. T. L. Simmons says:

    Good job Vortex handled the way it should have been.

  15. Meisha says:

    I am glad to see that you have made the right decision. I (a black woman) have come to your establishment on numerous occasions receiving nothing but great food and service. I hated to see your name sullied by one racist employee. I won’t for a minute stand for racism… but I’ve also never seen it from your staff. Glad he can no longer call himself a part of that.

  16. Jeri says:

    Handled beautifully, Vortex! One more reason I LOVE this place!

  17. J Roach says:

    Wow!! Excellent job in handling this situation. I came to many bike nights at the Vortex years ago and always received excellent service!

  18. Dallas says:

    This is just one more out of a million reasons why The Vortex is one of my all time favorite places in Atlanta!

  19. J. Roach says:

    Glad to hear that you do not condone that type of behavior from your staff or your customers. Kudos to you all on how you handled the situation and clarifying the information of that particular event so everyone is aware of what really took place.
    I love your establishment and will definitely continue to support it.
    Cheers! to your mission of being good to one another!

  20. Bev says:

    THAT is how a business is done. GREAT JOB!!

    1. Dionne says:

      We’ll done! I have never been but I would go now.

  21. A. Watson says:

    I have passed by many times but never patronized this establishment. I will be sure to visit in the near future now. Very professional.

  22. TP says:

    Thank you for addressing this situation fairly and publicly. I’ll be sure to share your response with all those who posted about the incident.

  23. Nakita says:

    I think it is absolutely amazing how you all handled this situation! Vortex is an amazing establishment and I truly enjoy all the employees.

  24. Robin Parker says:

    Thus is an example of excellence in Customer service! Kudos… Another reason to love The Vortex!

  25. Shaq B. says:

    I was waiting with my fingers crossed hoping that you guys handled this matter swiftly and accordingly in you did just that. So I will happily return to enjoy the great atmosphere and delicious food!!!!! Also I had a kick ass waitress last time I was there, sorry I can’t remember her name but she was awesome.

  26. Febelle says:

    Thanks Vortex for continued badassness without accepting bad behavior!!

  27. The customer experience is everything. I am please the way management handled this situation and I look forward to patronizing your restaurant when inn Atlanta.

  28. Stephanie Mitchell says:

    The Vortex is one of my favorite places. I have never had a bad experience and the staff has always treated me with respect. Thank you for handling the unfortunate situation in a professional manor.

  29. Stephanie Neimiller says:

    Always a class act Vortex! Way to handle this situation!

  30. Kathryn Anderson says:

    We eat here quite often and have never had anything but great service!! Love you even more now Vortex!!!

  31. Barry says:

    Hats off to management and upper management for taking swift and corrective action!!!! Looking forward to my next Vortex visit!!!

  32. TROY ROSE says:

    Outstanding response!!! Great business move!!! All people want is peace and thats just simply being treated equally.

  33. Amber says:

    Well done, Vortex!!

  34. BigEd Grant says:

    Great Response to a difficult situation! I have always had exceptional customer service at your L5P establishment.

  35. Terry Lindau says:

    Mega props to Vortex management..!! This is a beautiful response to an ugly situation..!! Makes me like Vortex even more..! My wife & I love the burgers as I also am partial to the potato salad..!! Looking forward to finding the time to visit soon..!! Big Fan

  36. I’ve dined there and had wonderful sevice. Way to step up! This makes me happy that you all have taken care of the situation.

  37. Kimberly says:

    Thank you Vortex for your excellent solution to the problem. I wish that all companies would take customer service as serous as your establishment. I am very proud and will still continue to be a loyal customer. 🙂

  38. Andrew J Ruocco says:

    AWESOME Customer service…LOVE IT!!
    I was a manager of Dominos Pizza in the 1980’s when that was it for delivery…We were extremely busy.My store avg 20-24k weekly in sales.
    Any customer complaints regarding product,etc I personally handled. I drove to the customers home immediately to apologize and give a Free pizza card to…That is the customer service I gave. It is SOO refreshing you are giving the Customer Service Standards
    30+ years later…

  39. Lanavia harden says:

    Sad i use to work witj this guy was unknown to me that he was a racist asshole because he flexed really hard around us so for hom to do a thing like that wa not call for he deserved what he hot and more. Gaven you should be ashamed of yourself …

  40. D says:

    I think it’s awesome that you addressed the issue as quickly and professionally as you did. I’m sure you had to investigate the incident and with your findings, you made an appropriate decision. I’ve never been to The Vortex but I will try it now.

  41. Nubya Downs says:

    Thank you!! I have a ball every time i visit The Vortex and I know now that it’s because you value my patronage. That motivates me to visit more!

  42. Citizen says:

    Thank you. THe Vortex is an Atlanta Institution and these kids, who think this city is theirs to piss on and claim as their own have it wrong. Respect must be earned, and blatant PDA and rudeness is not the way to get it.

  43. A.W. says:

    MAJOR props to The Vortex management.

  44. Jon says:

    Nice job nipping this in the bud.

  45. Chef Boy R Doom says:

    As a veteran of the industry – from cook and bottle washer to restaurateur – I can say that there will be days when the employee will be seen not giving his all, usually to a patron that will be overly sensitive to that fact. For whatever the reasons are between Gaven and Kristina, there should have been NO retaliation at all from the boyfriend – who should have not been in the restaurant to begin with.

    Gaven should have taken that non-tip as a wake-up call, for him to see what he did wrong and take corrective measures to perform for the next patron. While there may be hope for Gaven in the future, I will pray that it is not in the Service Industry

    1. A Former Co-server says:

      As someone who has had the privilege of working with this particular server at another restaurant… I can honestly say that I doubt he’ll learn anything from the experience. He was fired from the establishment I worked at for stealing, so to see that he was doing something like this came as no shock to me…

  46. Kbace says:

    Fantastic! The Vortex took fast and appropriate corrective actions. The Vortex is my favorite restaurant in the Candler Park/L5P area and I will definitely visit again soon. Thanks guys!

  47. Ant says:

    An isolated incident. The Vortex is a most diverse entity, so no surprise that they stepped up and did the right thing!

  48. Lana says:

    Excellent expeditious handling of the incident, very well done!

  49. Brad greene says:

    I am sorry Kristina for what happened to you. I hope that you will not let this experience keep you from coming back to the Vortex. There are ignorant people everywhere. One person’s voice is not the voice of the community. We stand for love and unity. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  50. E.L. Key says:

    I really appreciate the way this was handled! Many establishments would try to state that their were contradicting facts to avoid personal responsibility. Great job! You will definitely have my business in the future.

  51. Eventzrus, Inc. says:

    This is aqesome on the part of Vortex! It is,exactly what they should have fone when the shoud have done it! I have never been to Vortex but after this response, i certainly may go. I absolutely love professionalism at its finest!

  52. Nathan Stewart says:

    I love the Vortex, and I love that you accept everyone. Unfortunately all it takes is one jerk (and the jerks boyfriend) to ruin the fun for everyone. I fully support you and I am sure you’ll be back to your irreverent selves in no time!

  53. Kaylon Jackson says:

    Thanks vortex!! I’ve only eaten here one time and after reading the initial article I wasn’t planning on coming back honestly! After reading what the management staff did Im gonna come back this weekend just to get a burger!

    1. M. Evans says:

      I said the same thing!!!

  54. Barbara Doucet says:

    I’ve been a Vortex customer for years.
    I’ve NEVER had a negative experience there.
    Since I don’t know the circumstances of this incident I won’t comment on the behavior of the server & his friend.
    I do appreciate the mission of the Vortex. As a server myself, I k ow how hard it can be to always be on your “best behavior”. Please always keep that in mind should an incident happen again. We all are human & can have a bad day.

    1. L. Smith says:

      Still, no excuse! Yes, we all are human. But if you’re working in an industry where you are dealing with the public, you have an obligation to treat that customer/patron with respect. He got what he deserved, plain and simple!

  55. Calvin says:

    I am so pleased to read this. As a black man, I too have received the exact same disrespect. I am encouraged by your words and action. Keep getting better!

  56. Tabitha Niehas says:

    Great response! If other establishments took the same type of actions with their employees when customers are mistreated it would continue to make a difference through out customer service. But as you said we just have to keep trying…. Thanks for the asstistance in corrected a wrong doing. Thats awesome Customer Service. Ty.

  57. Never been there but I’m planning on visiting soon & bringing some friends! I like the way you operate.

  58. Sydney Epps says:

    This is a perfect example of how to respond to incidents of discrimination and PRIVACY VIOLATIONS. (Way to try and avoid a lawsuit!)

    Good job, Vortex.

  59. James says:

    I hope she is now safe.

  60. Shannon says:

    Shout out to the management of the Vortex @ L5P! You handled this horrific matter quickly, effficiently, and most importantly… with CLASS! Very impressive!

  61. John Walker says:

    I am happy that his iconic Atlanta restaurant took immediate action without hesitation. I can’t wait to return

  62. Robin says:

    This is Atlanta, thank you Vortex for a thoughtful response!

  63. Alexis Holmes says:

    Thank u so much for handling this in a timely manner & correctly dealing with this. I will visit soon.

  64. Torri says:

    I haven’t been to Vortex in a long time. It’s time for a visit. That reply and follow-up was wonderful customer service. Thank you for being such a great example to your patrons AND your employees.

  65. Laura says:

    I was just there last week while in town from Houston, TX. I loved the atmosphere and the staff was great. You guys handled this like pro’s.

  66. Eric Hrabowski says:

    I was really surprised at this incident occurring at your establishment and in the little 5 points area. It has been my experience that the area and businesses are a melting pot of cultures and customers. Thank you for taking swift and definitive action. I’ll be there soon for a burgee and some tots!

  67. Mark Lambert says:

    Thank you for your response to incident. My husband and I have been coming to both the L5P and Midtown locations for years (always the best burgers in town) and have never experienced and issues. I feel reassured that this type of treatment will not be tolerated.

  68. Eric Hrabowski says:

    I was really surprised at this incident occurring at your establishment and in the little 5 points area. It has been my experience that the area and businesses are a melting pot of cultures and customers. Thank you for taking swift and definitive action. I’ll be there soon for a burger and some tots!

  69. Black Market says:

    Glad you took care of this…Your Burgers are “MAD GOOD”!!
    Definitely did not want you on our do not eat list!

    1. Tiff says:

      JOB WELL DONE VORTEX! That’s how you handle business in a professional manner.

  70. Monica says:

    That was a great way to handle it. I will make it a point to visit again!

  71. Chelsea says:

    Way to go Vortex, you’re a class act!

  72. Valerie Bryant says:

    Ooooooou Weeeeeee!!!! I wish more establishments would take care of business in the manner that y’all did. Hats off to you!!!

  73. Brycen says:

    It is nice to see a company stand up for it’s customers.

  74. I, as a “fellow” R.I.Employee, APPLAUD the well thought out “apology” and your qualified reaction!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾☑️

  75. Crystal says:

    Thank you for handling this swiftly, professionally & responsibly. I’ll continue to enjoy my Vortex burgers knowing I’m respected as a customer.

  76. Reyna Rodriguez says:

    Never been there, but because of the way you handled this situation you will soon have a new customer. See you guys soon.

  77. Candace says:

    Good job Vortex for being understanding and not brushing the matter off or covering it up!!! This is outstanding customer service!!!

  78. Scarlita says:

    Impressive and kind.

  79. Lucian Brown says:

    As a black professional I MUST give you Kudos, you must use your 90days rule and get rid of the employee, I have had to get rid of someone because of the actions of family members before. You also have the law on your side for being misrepresented on social media they were representing Vortex when they contacted her as they used credit card information to contact her!

  80. Dee Dee Hill says:

    Thank you, Vortex, for handling this situation. Being an Atlanta native, I had my first Vortex experience at the Downtown Atlanta location about 2 months ago when my hubby and I were having a stay-cation in the ATL. I loved it. Your response confirms that we will definitely patronize your business again in the very near future. Thank you.

  81. Melody says:

    Great way to handle the situation and hopefully she will not let this keep her from going back.

  82. Tiffany says:

    Awesome job V ! I have always had wonderful experiences myself, but it’s good to know that ya’ll handle business otherwise.

  83. Robert W. Devlin II says:

    I have spent much time in the Vortex. They even had a ‘burger named after me, ‘The Devlin ‘burger’. Heart attack on a plate. The derogatory remarks are unwarranted. I support the Vortex!

  84. A Martin says:

    Thanks for the prompt response and swift action!

  85. Diane Stephens says:

    Everyone I know that goes to the Vortex love it and I love how you handled this problem. Wish I could go there, but I can’t get around smoke. I’m not a crybaby, I just have a medical problem that makes it hard for me to breath if someone is smoking near by. I do tell people that have not ever gone there that friends of mine say you have the best hamburgers in Atlanta. Now I can also tell them this story. Maybe I can’t go but I can send people. Love Little 5 points, I grew up around there.

  86. Lorretta says:

    I was disturbed by the incident, but the way you handled it was assuring. I will continue to patronize your business. Thank you!

  87. Marlon ray says:

    If youve ever seen or met the vortex owners you would no that type of behavior is unacceptable they know how it is to be seen and looked at and treated as different or unwanted very humble people from my experiences in the past. Glad they still hold that.

  88. Adrian Mechelle says:

    Great job vortex.

  89. Demetra says:

    Excellent and I’m sure the immediate response was appreciated! We need more of this

  90. BK says:

    This is a business that I frequent so I am pleased to see this type of response to this issue.

  91. Maus says:

    of course theyre gonna take care of their patrons. it’s not fair to judge the Vortex before they have a chance to handle the situation. good on them for always being awesome.

  92. Ami says:

    It’s actions like this that keep me coming back to the Vortex.

  93. Nissa K says:

    totally awesome Vortex!! I was waiting to see a response JUST like this from your end!! Thank you for taking care of your customers!

  94. Chris Bell says:

    As a regular Vortex patron…let me say, I have never seen anyone treated with varying degrees of respect. The Vortex’s are the definition of diversity in every sense of the word. I challenge anyone to walk in and not find a perfect slice of Atlanta…every color…shape…rockers…hipsters…artists…business types. They are all there. The service and food are awesome and the staff is always fun. So this whole thing is weird. However, the response from management is awesome. Sometimes service people screw up. It happens. But sometimes customers are douches too. I have always been impressed by how the Vortex management stands up for their staff…and that makes this action that much more impressive in that they clearly believe their staff person was in the wrong. Well done by all and I hope the customer is happy with the outcome. Now get back to work and make by heart attack burger!!

  95. Brittany says:

    I have lived here in Atlanta for years and have never been to The Vortex. I will be sure to go now seeing this response to this incident.

    See you soon!

  96. Denise says:

    I have never been to The Vortex, but I love a good burger!! Being that I live in the ATL, I will definitely make it a point to visit The Vortex (kudos for your swift response and action). I hate driving downtown, but I am going to definitely visit your establishment soon.

  97. Drew says:

    Great response. I’ll make my first visit to your establishment very soon.

  98. Trey says:

    As a former resident of Atlanta, I always enjoyed the food and atmosphere of The Vortex. Even now I always stop in on every business trip down there, and have even brought associates from other parts of the country there. Great to see how this incident was handled…you will continue to have a future patron in myself and my associates.

  99. Adkturn says:

    Always had great experiences at Vortex, only downside I’ve ever known is when it’s crowded and you have to wait for a table, but that’s a good “problem” to have!

  100. LFRATLANTA says:

    That is how I would handle it and under those circumstances I don’t think it could have been handled any better. Great job the vortex. Keep up the fantastic example you guys set not only in foodie but also matters of humanity and of the Heart.
    the right thing to do!! 7 STARS

  101. Fiona says:

    Thank you for taking care of this. I’ve been there a few times and was watching this situation closely. I’m impressed Vortex!

  102. brian says:

    Customers should not make complaints on their receipts. If they had a problem with the service, they need to bring up to a manager. That way, the establishment can take corrective action.

    Leaving notes like that NEVER turn out well for anybody.

  103. CK says:

    Thank you Vortex for handling this unfortunate situation in a quick and professional manner and for being a staple in the Atlanta community.

  104. Cheyenne says:

    Beautifully done Vortex. I love your establishment even more!!!!

  105. Jaamal says:

    As a server myself , I believe this was very unprofessional on the part of Gaven.
    Mad respect to Vortex for handling this situation in the right way.
    I will be sharing this and taking my friend to Vortex very soon !!!!

  106. Paul says:

    Awesome! Good job

  107. Lanny Fi says:

    Classy response from a classy dining place which just happens to have the best hamburger in the city.

  108. Cheryl J Brooks says:

    Well done!

  109. Billie Simone says:

    What a class act! I LOVE your establishment and truly appreciate how you’ve handled this situation with quickly and with care. Thank you!

  110. Roland says:

    Awesome sauce!!! Thanks SO much for handling this matter so swiftly and professionally! I love the Vortex chain and I couldn’t be more pleased with your unequivocal response! Great job of exemplifying outstanding customer service!!!!

  111. Shay says:

    I would like to commend you on your corrective actions. NO ONE should be treated in this manner. I absolutely love this establishment being an 5pts native, and I recommend it to ALL of my friends. I work in the restaurant industry and everything about your place is Awesome. Stand up job guys!!!!

  112. Theodore Goldman says:

    The Vortex rocks. Going there this weekend. Thanks for following up on this.

  113. Sheila Thigpen says:

    Mu huband and I along with some other family members had a great time on our visit about this same time. We are Christains so of course we said grace before our meal

    At no time was anyone disrespectful to us. I hate that Kristina was disrespeced during her visit and I hope she will visit there again.

  114. The Last Diva Left says:

    I feel so much better reading this response. I was taken to your establishment the last time I had a visit from Chicago and was so looking forward to visiting again. I am grateful that you do not allow this type of behavior.

  115. C. Sands says:

    Kudos to how you all handled this situation!

  116. Alex Johnson says:

    This is great. Thank you guys for handling the situation accordingly. I was a resident of Inman Park and visited Vortex frequently. Since moving away, a highlight of coming back is to visit. I am very glad that a place that I enjoy so much is taking a stand against this behavior.

  117. Scot Rhodeheaver says:

    Way to go guys! Love the place!

  118. Moss Mills says:

    We at Junkman’s Daughter support our neighbors and join with you in the message to treat everyone the same. Bigotry is intolerable. Good job.

  119. Matt says:

    Did it occur to any of you rubes to ask what the waiter actually did? Generally I’d want to hear my staffs side of it before reacting like this, sounds to me like the customer was the problem here, and a shitty tipper on top of it. I can’t support any place that doesn’t have their staffs back. You won’t be getting my business.

  120. Shawnie says:

    Now I have a taste for that delicious chimichanga 😩❤️❤️❤️

  121. Houston K. says:

    That’s awesome! Handled very professionally. Some advice to Kristina though; and others who are experiencing a similar situation. Do not hesitate to inform a manager about how you feel. Otherwise it could be a “he said, she said” circumstance. It could have been avoided or corrected immediately.

  122. D says:

    What did Gaven do incorrectly? Was it that he provided poor service or made comments he should not have made? Please, I am just trying to understand why this has escalated to this point.

  123. Nina J says:

    Vortex I’ve been a fan from yours from your first restaurant. I used work at the Residence Inn it was attached too. And over the years I’ve grown with you as you’ve grown. The owners are so cool and these actions by their staff. Is the apparent culture and one of the reasons you’ve been So successful over generations. Hats off to the staff for this follow up and corrective actions. You never let someone bring you down when you’ve worked so hard to build it up. A culture of treating patrons with respect. And your right….people can just be nasty. But remember “When they go Low…YOU go high” With appreciation.

  124. Neill says:

    Let me get this down accurately. He served a couple or a woman water without ice and kissed his boyfriend(PDA). The story that I read implied that this woman was in some way discriminated against. Ive been a bartender for 15 years. Ive been accused of racism because i made 1 persons drink before making the drink of another. News flash: i make your drinks in the order that makes the most sense from an efficiency standpoint. I’m all about treating everyone with respect and equality. I’m not all about slowing down my shit so you can feel good about yourself.

    1. Skyler says:

      Valid point. But they still shouldn’t have sent those messages.

  125. Jon the Squirrel says:

    I’ve worked in food service since I got out of high school and have done every job except manage, not officially at least. Very rarely do I see this kind of professionalism and I applaud you all for the actions you took and for clarifying the information of the incident. Keep up the good work and if I ever find muself drifting through cities I haven’t been to again, I’ll make it a point to swing by amd dine with you guys. Bravo.

  126. Jemar Ladell says:

    I don’t live in Atlanta, but I visit from time to time. The way your management rectified this situation is enough for me to seek you out the next time I visit the area. I would love to give you my business. Thank you for being stellar!

  127. Pam says:

    Very professional. Thank you

  128. scott mcdaniel says:

    Kudos to the Vortex !! this is the way you handle a negative situation. I worked as bartender and waiter many years and if you want to get tipped nice…well you treat your customers with respect and dignity and if your getting shit from a customer and it’s happened many times, your fellow table may take it upon their selves to be a little more kind with there gratuity by noticing how you handle yourself

  129. Kimberly says:

    In the day abd age of the art of customer service being completely lost I said THANK YOU Vortex for your excellent solution to the problem. I wish all companies would take the art of customer service as serous as your establishment. I am very proud and will still continue to be a loyal customer. 🙂 Please accept complimentary advertising on my behalf. I will be in touch this week. Again, THANK YOU.

  130. Rosalind says:

    Methinks I’d like to dine at the Vortex next time I’m in Atlanta

  131. Deborah Mapp says:

    Good Job! you handle that will come back love your hambuger.

  132. Risse says:

    I am so happy to hear this has been handled with professionalism a s respect to the patron’s concerns. My friends and I dined at the Midtown location this past weekend and service was impeccable! I plan to make regular visits based on this incident and how it was handled. When you do the right thing, you never know the positive impact it can have! Great job!

  133. Monia Warner says:

    So happy to hear you handled this unfortunate situation the way you did I’ve heard such cool things about this place and my daughter and I vowed to visit. After this incident I was very disappointed in hearing what happened and didn’t care to subject myself or my kid to this sort of behavior…. Thanks for clearing the air….see you soon.

  134. Elliott says:

    Kudos on how you handled this

  135. Bruce Wobeck says:

    Have any of you gullible fools (incl Vortex management and the AJC reporter) bothered to check out the facts? Here is a post today from Kristina’s FB page:

    AJC This article was NOT authorized by me AND I am not affiliated with Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta!! Since sharing this story and hearing from another patron that also had a terrible experience with the same waiter, I determined The Vortex incident was more of a customer service issue rather than a race issue. The Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta organization is no longer associated with the investigation of this case, neither do they have the right to speak on my behalf to media outlets (in which they are well aware of). However, Sir Maejor of BLM, continues to circulate MY story (inaccurately may I add) to push his own Agenda!! This has to stop‼️ I’ve been blocked from commenting on the BLM page to address this, but I ask…Please DO NOT share anything from their page regarding this incident!

  136. Don Davis says:

    Can we get the Vortex management and owners to take over the White House? I feel safest when adults are in charge!

    Kudos to you. See you soon.

  137. Barb says:

    The Vortex handled this problem professionally and timely.

  138. Blade says:

    Great Job I’m thinking of coming to eat there today

  139. BriRoe says:

    I’m glad you nipped this in the bud! My husband and I have had great service (and delicious food!) at both of your locations. Looking forward to coming back!

  140. Shari says:

    I have been a delighted customer of the Vortex for as many years as it’s been in Atlanta. The owner did a stellar job of handling this situation. I have to say that EVERY time I’ve been there, the service and each of the servers has been great. I bring friends there from out of town, eat there every time I’m in L5P, and love this funky, crazy spot.

  141. Shan says:

    Awesome-sauce Vortex! THIS is how you handle business….

  142. Susie says:

    Thank you for being an example of how management should respond to a matter such as this. None of us can control how others behave, but you did a wonderful job cleaning up the mess these two young men made.

  143. Jonn McDaniel says:

    This is exactly the response I expected from the owners of The Vortex. It shows the intentionality of the owners to provide a place where anyone and everyone (who shows respect for self and others) is welcomed. The Vortex is a solid place to dine and I hope this statement will help clarify the issue and help to minimize any push back from any customers regarding this situation. Kudos & cheers!

  144. Regina says:

    I’m fairly new to the area, and have never been to The Vortex; but the way this matter was handled I can see this is a professional establishment that aims to provide great customer service! Customer service can make or break a business… and what originally turned out to be negative press, is now Positive Press. I look forward to visiting The Vortex! 🙂

  145. RG says:

    Thanks for addressing this promptly.

  146. Aj says:

    Kudos to Vortex management!!! What a class act..💪💪💪work.

  147. Gregg says:

    Would still eat there even if I was harassed every time BUT I kinda am use to it. Let me enplane;

    You kinda expect to be treated like an idiot when you go to places like this in Atlanta. Waiting staff at hip/cool restaurants like Jacks, El Mere, Corner Tavern, The Local, EATS … they just outright suck. Like, its a joke around my friend groups. I am almost intimidated to talk to the waiting staff about recommendations or ask too many questions.

    See, I love the Vortex. I eat there multiple times a month and take friends from out of town there all the time. Thing is, I have always had 6/10 service AT BEST. I have never gone there for the service, but the food is the bees knees! So, if management can take this as a stepping off point and make a statement with new changes with the serving staff… I would visit even more.

    Its kinda like Vortex is ‘too cool for school’. Lets tone it back some guys. Maybe not have the negative “Policies” section on the menu. This is just all my opinion. I will still visit Vortex from regularly, but hope this was a wake up call for management.

  148. Jay says:

    Man thats amazing glad to know there a business like Vortex out there that would go through the step to make sure every customer experience is good and is gladly appreciate by them.

  149. Michael Lee says:

    Needless to say I am a frequent visitor to both Vortex locations and this incident saddened me for sure. They did what any good company run by good people would do. Rectify the situation. At the end of the day, the world has enough nastiness in it and I am glad that small steps are being made mitigate some of its impact.

  150. Aj says:

    Great job Virtex. Can you brung back the turkey burgers? They have been discriminated against.

    1. Skyler says:

      I wish there was a “like” button for this lol

  151. Patdiesel says:

    Never been to Vortex, however i will attempt to make it there soon after reading this here material!!!

  152. Michelle says:

    This is why I love this place..never had a bad experience here and I am glad this was handled in the matter it was…kudos to you Vortex…you guys rock!

  153. Skyler says:

    Regardless of whether or not this was a race issue, no one should be sending negative messages to someone like that. Its silly and unprofessional. Homeboy should have saw this coming after they messaged her. What did he think would happen? I would have sent those screenshots to his boss as well. Kudos to The Vortex for working that out.

  154. Jaz Sharee says:

    Apparently, most on this thread are not aware of “damage control’. The only people deserving any praise is the PR team. Wondering if all customers receive the same attention or is it just Kristina, after getting a major platform involved. No one assumes racism either, its understood!

  155. Riqui says:

    I applaud and appreciate the management’s swift and decisive actions to protect their customers as well as their brand; without good customer service and and quality products you have no loyal repeat customers and no community support. Bravo!

  156. Cory says:

    Thanks for getting this right. I’ll have to come grab some burgers and beer.


  157. DJ says:

    Appreciate the way the vortex team handled this! I love this place and ALWAYS recommend to visitors and newcomers. Now I have something else to brag about 🙂

  158. J. Smith says:

    Best burgers in town and now best management in town

  159. Chris says:

    Think I’ll stop by for lunch 2moro

  160. Beth says:

    Thanks Vortex. I was a little shocked when I read about what happened. You went above and beyond to make this right.

  161. Paul Grant says:

    Glad to learn about the actions taken.

  162. Simeon Payne says:

    Looks like I’ll be having Vortex this weekend 🙂

    A prompt, rational, and very reasonable response. I definitely support this business.

  163. M. Evans says:

    I’m truly impressed with the way this situation was handled!!! I have also only been there once, but I had known about The Vortex of years. As soon as I read the response, I told my boyfriend that I want to get a burger now!

    Great job!!!

  164. Tony Holland says:

    Hospitality and Customer Service are HUGE fields that affect us all. I worked in them for many, many years. For those still in the business, THIS is how it is done! Take notes! I applaud The Vortex for its response, and its transparency here in the resolution of the situation. Kudos!

  165. Zack says:

    There are not enough businesses with quality operating practices such as those of The Vortex any longer. There are certainly times when backing an employee is a good move, and times when it is only appropriate to side with the customer. This is clearly an incident when the latter was in everyone’s best interest. Good luck to Gaven in his future endeavors, hopefully he can learn something from this situation. Thank you for continuing to operate with and maintaining an environment of acceptance in Atlanta.

  166. Ni says:

    Awesome!!!! It’s terrible that one bad apple could have destroyed the bunch… Clearly The Vortex Management live by different standards than the creep waiter and his boyfriend… Hats off to the Vortex!!!! Hopefully this statement will spread so that everyone can see that you’re a great establishment…

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