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The Vortex is a bar. The content of our website (and associated social media sites) has been designed for adults over 21 years of age and may include the promotion of alcoholic beverages. By accessing these sites, you confirm that you are of legal drinking age. Additionally, you should understand that you may be exposed to content or imagery considered offensive by certain people. We call those people tight-asses. If any of this concerns you, it’s probably best that you log-out now, before your delicate sensibilities are permanently damaged.


While we never deliberately try to be offensive, we recognize that the world is full of petty tyrants who love to be offended every chance they get. Our bars have been designed for intelligent adults, capable of critical thought, who have a sense of humor and want to have a good time. If you are ever personally offended by anything you see, read or experience inside The Vortex, please remember the entry doors operate in both directions. You will never be kept against your will. Being a patron is 100% voluntary.


We maintain an extensive set of “House Rules” to help explain what customers can expect when visiting The Vortex. In order to be as transparent as possible, these policies can be found throughout this website. If you’ve never been to The Vortex, we suggest you review this information prior to making the trip, in order to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience. You can also CLICK HERE to view (or print) our “Stuff You Really Need To Know” pages, which is the version of our House Rules that are printed on the covers of our Food Menu.


Everything we do is intended to help create an environment in which our patrons feel safe, secure and can focus on having fun. Every person that enters our premises becomes our guest. This is a privilege that is revocable at any time. To further clarify, everyone is welcome until they start acting like an idiot. Then they are no longer welcome, and will be asked to leave. Often by a very large gentleman with little patience for bullshit.


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