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While we never deliberately try to be offensive at The Vortex, we realize the world is full of weak-minded simpletons who love to be offended every chance they get. So if you choose to view this website, or visit either Vortex location, you should understand that you may be exposed to content or imagery considered offensive by certain people. We call those people tight-asses. Our business offerings are designed for intelligent adults, capable of critical thought, who have a sense of humor, and are not fucking crybabies. If you don’t meet that criteria, you should probably not visit our bars, or be on this website. In fact, you should probably just leave this website right now, before your delicate sensibilities are permanently damaged. Seriously. You have been warned. For additional information on Terms & Conditions of Use, please visit our LEGAL page.


If you believe you should be warned before being exposed to politically incorrect opinions or imagery on the internet, then you really don’t belong on the internet in the first place. While censorship-minded tyrants can’t tolerate the thought of people having opinions that differ from their own, they always seem more than happy to use the power of government to force their beliefs on others. We believe that freedom of choice, and freedom of expression, are rights that must be zealously defended in order to maintain a free society. Therefore, we will never engage in censorship, on our website or in our bars, to appease anyone. Intellectual diversity, and the free exchange of ideas, are principles that enable people to become informed, engaged, intelligent citizens, instead of indoctrinated sheep. If you have a problem with any of the views expressed here, please remember that visiting our bars or our website is purely voluntary.


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