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The Vortex is a bar. It should be assumed that the content of our website (and other associated social media and marketing sites) have been designed for adults over 21 years of age, and may include the promotion of alcoholic beverages. By accessing any of these sites, you are confirming that you are of legal drinking age. Additionally, you should understand that you may be exposed to content or imagery considered offensive by certain people. We call those people tight-asses. If any of this is a problem, you might want to leave this website before your delicate sensibilities are damaged any further. You can also CLICK HERE for additional information about our Terms & Conditions of Use.


While we never deliberately try to be offensive, we realize the world is full of petty tyrants who love to be offended every chance they get. Our bars have been designed for intelligent adults, capable of critical thought, who have a sense of humor and just want to have fun. If you are offended by anything you might see, read or experience in our bar(s), please remember that being a patron of our business is 100% voluntary. If you’re interested, you can CLICK HERE for more information about how and why we operate The Vortex the way we do.


Our goal has always been to foster an atmosphere of fun and mutual respect. Everything we do is intended to help create an environment in which our patrons feel safe, secure and can focus on having a good time. The Vortex is a private business, so whenever a person enters the premises, they become our guest. Some people fail to understand that this privilege is revocable at any time. In fact, people who get tossed out always seem surprised. Probably because they’re idiots. For further clarification, we have compiled the following list of behavior that will not be tolerated at The Vortex at any time.

1) Failing to abide by any of our posted company policies, or arguing about company policies with any staff member. Our policies are our policies. If you don’t agree with any of them, we suggest you take your business elsewhere.

2) We prohibit any article of jewelry or clothing that incorporates symbols, slogans or designs that are gang-related; promote violence, racism, or hateful behavior; or are otherwise deemed offensive and/or disruptive to the operation of our business, at our sole discretion.

3) Being drunk-off-your-ass, putting your head down on the bar or table, sleeping, passing out, vomiting, shitting or pissing yourself, negatively impacting the experience of other guests in any way, or otherwise acting like a damned amateur in any manner whatsoever. Additionally, access to the premises will be denied if security personnel or management determines, at their sole discretion, that an individual appears to be impaired by alcohol or drugs.

4) Being recognized by staff members as an individual that has engaged in unacceptable behavior, or caused operational difficulties in the past.

5) Lying or making false claims against the company or against any staff member.

6) Displaying a demanding, condescending, rude or otherwise entitled attitude to any staff member.

7) Verbally arguing, antagonizing, yelling, name-calling or using profanity with any staff member, or other individual.

8) Verbal harassment or abuse, threatening language or other acts of aggression, or any attempt at intimidating or instilling fear in any staff member, or other individual.

9) Striking, pushing, bumping or any physical assault, engaging in a physical fight or otherwise deliberately causing physical injury or harm to any staff member, or other individual.

10) Willful or deliberate damage or destruction of any company property, equipment, decor, premises or surroundings.

11) Stealing directly from the company, from any staff member, or from any other individual.

12) Using, possessing or being under the influence of illegal narcotics, or selling, or attempting to sell illegal narcotics or other contraband, at any time while on company premises.

13) Taking part in any criminal activity or other illegal behavior while on company premises.

The Vortex reserves the right to press criminal charges against any individual behaving in an illegal manner while on our premises, and will prosecute to the fullest extent that the law allows.


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