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If you want a separate check, just ask your server right up-front. It’s usually not a problem. But if you wait until the end of your meal, it probably ain’t happening. The only other time your server might deny this request is if the bar is exceptionally busy, or you have a really big group. If that’s the case, you’d better figure out how to use that calculator on your phone.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover credit cards as payment. We also accept Vortex Gift Cards, Vortex Fun Bucks Prize Cards, and of course cash. Cash is great. We do NOT accept any third party pre-paid gift cards, even if they have the aforementioned credit card logos on them. Additionally, we do NOT accept Diner’s Club, Traveler’s Checks, personal checks, PayPal, Bitcoin or Apple Pay. Your server will collect your payment, and complete the transaction. No cashier up front. That’s how fancy this joint is.


Help us maintain a quality staff. Always tip your server appropriately. Tipping for service in restaurants and bars is the currently accepted custom in this country. It is also how our servers and bartenders make their living. So, if you can’t afford to tip, then the truth is you can’t afford to eat at full-service restaurants. It’s just that simple. If you think tipping is a scam, then just buy a TV dinner, stay home, and watch wrestling. If you ever receive service that you feel is not tip-worthy, please notify the Manager so we may take corrective action. Providing excellent service is always one of our top priorities.


We never add a built-in gratuity to our checks because we expect our clientele to be better than that, and we expect our servers to provide the best possible service at all times. Besides, people who make a habit of tipping poorly will eventually be banned from The Vortex for being great big losers.


If you pay your bill using a debit card, you may notice a pending charge different than the amount you signed for. We get contacted about this situation all the time. Please understand, this is due to banking policy, not any Vortex policy, so we have absolutely no control over this situation. Due to the fact that most diners leave a standard (20%) tip, many banks will automatically authorize debit cards for more than the requested amount to assure overdraft protection. In the event that you approve more (or less than 20%), you may see more than one pending charge on your account. After three (3) banking business days, only your approved total should remain. Unless a server has made a clerical error, the final amount that clears your account will always be the amount you approved in the restaurant according to your signed receipt.


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