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The Vortex is a bar. As such, we restrict access to people 21 years of age and over. It should be assumed that the content of our website and other associated social media and marketing sites are designed for adults as well, may be “explicit” in nature, and may also include the promotion of alcoholic beverages. Therefore, by accessing these sites, or following us in any manner, you are confirming that you are of legal drinking age.


This weekly, Atlanta-based podcast features some of the most authentic discussions about bar culture, food, nightlife and entertainment that you’re likely to find anywhere. Guests include entrepreneurs, chefs, business owners and local celebrities, all offering their own unique perspective on Atlanta’s hospitality scene. And every now and then, we’ll feature a totally random guest just to mix things up. Of course, no matter who is being interviewed, guests are highly encouraged to enjoy a cocktail or two while recording, so you never know where the conversation may go. You can CLICK HERE to visit the Vortex Radio website or download episodes on your favorite podcast app.


Vortex co-owner, Michael Benoit, started this blog to give people an inside perspective on what it’s like to run a popular bar He will probably be up for tackling other topics in the long run. He’s usually pretty busy, so these posts will not be made on any regular schedule. Needless to say, this blog will probably get sloppy and haphazard, and maybe a little crass at times, but it will always be genuine and honest. If you choose to check-in every now and then, you’ll get to witness this ever-evolving mess, first hand. You can CLICK HERE to visit the Vortex blog page.


At The Vortex, we (very loosely) maintain a YouTube channel, to post videos made by us, or videos made about us by other people. You can CLICK HERE to visit the Vortex YouTube page.


Follow us on our Instagram for all of the latest Vortex photos and videos. Including, but not limited to, weekly specials, awesome customer photos, our own food porn and other nonsense. You can CLICK HERE to follow The Vortex on Instagram.


At The Vortex, we maintain a Facebook account for each of the two locations. Here you will find information about weekly specials, upcoming events, unscheduled closures, and all kinds of Vortex related foolishness. You can CLICK HERE to like The Vortex–Midtown on Facebook, and you can CLICK HERE to like The Vortex–Little 5 Points on Facebook.


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