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438 Moreland Avenue NE
Atlanta, GA 30307
(Just look for the Giant Skull)

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Take-out orders can now be placed online with The Vortex-L5P. Just click HERE to redirect to our DoorDash website. NOTE: This website will not function if we are currently closed or have temporarily suspended take-out orders.



Below you will find the latest information regarding the operation of The Vortex-L5P during the COVID-19 epidemic. All operational procedures are subject to change, so always check back here because the information on this page will be kept up-to-date. Thank you for your continued understanding and support during these difficult times.


Throughout the COVID-19 epidemic our operating hours may be limited or altered from time to time. The current hours for The Vortex-L5P are listed directly below.


– OPEN for business @ 11:00 AM
for food & booze @ 10:30 PM
everyone kicked out @ 11:00 PM


– OPEN for business @ 11:00 AM
for food & booze @ 11:30 PM
everyone kicked out @ 12:00 AM


Please assist us in providing customer service in as safe a manner as possible by following the guidelines listed below, and by following the directions given by our employees. Please do not behave in a confrontational manner with any staff member, or other patron, while on our premises. Thank you in advance for being cool.


To avoid any confusing or conflicting information with regard to current COVID-19 guidelines and/or restrictions, we will continue to comply with the terms of the Governor’s official orders, which were crafted in conjunction with state public health officials, and have been endorsed by the Georgia Restaurant Association. As clearly stated in the Governor’s executive order, no local municipality action can be more or less restrictive, and that rule applies statewide.

● Self-Quarantine

Of course, we continue to be concerned about the most vulnerable to infection, and suggest that those folks remain in self-quarantine. Also, if you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive, or are showing any symptoms yourself, we ask that you do not visit The Vortex-L5P at this time.

● Social Distancing & Limited Capacity

Patrons are required to maintain proper social distancing while waiting for entry, and at all other times while on The Vortex-L5P property.

● Limit Your Visit Time

During periods of peak business, we request that customers limit their time within The Vortex-L5P to approximately one hour.

● Liability Notice

WARNING: Under Georgia law, there is no liability for an injury or death of an individual entering these premises if such injury or death results from the inherent risks of contracting COVID-19. You are assuming this risk by entering these premises. O.C.G.A. 51-16-3


We are currently offering our entire FOOD MENU, which you can preview HERE.

● Product Availability

While we have always taken a great pride in having all menu items available to our customers, please understand that disruptions in the supply chain may impact what we are able to provide at any given time. Staff will notify you if an item is temporarily unavailable, or if we have substituted a specific menu item for something comparable. This extends to our alcoholic beverage offerings as well.


● Order Online

Take-out orders can now be placed online. Click HERE to redirect to our convenient online ordering website. NOTE: This website will not function if we are currently closed or have temporarily suspended take-out orders.

● Order in Person

You can also place your orders in person with the bartender. NOTE: As long as we are open, and have not made “last-call” for food, you will always be able to order take-out in person.

● Order by Telephone

You may also phone-in your take-out order to The Vortex-L5P from the time we open until 8:00 PM every day by calling(404) 688-1828 (Ext. 1). NOTE: If we do not answer the telephone we are either closed or have temporarily suspended take-out orders.

● Pick Up & Delivery

Please pay attention to which Vortex location you order from, because that is where your food will be waiting for you. We do not offer delivery service at this time.

● Packaging Fee

An 8% packaging fee is added to all take-out orders.

● Suspension of Take-Out Orders

Historically, The Vortex has NOT been known as a “take-out” restaurant. In an attempt to meet the needs of our patrons throughout the COVID-19 epidemic, we have tried to become more accommodating with regard to offering food to-go. But, we can still only offer take-out service when it’s actually feasible, so this option may be suspended at times. Sorry for any inconvenience. We’re doing our best folks.


The Vortex-L5P is a bar designed for adults, so access is always restricted to persons 21-and-over. Proper identification is required. No ID = No admission.


The Vortex-L5P does not allow smoking or vaping of any kind inside of our premises. However, we do continue to offer the option to smoke cigarettes and e-cigarettes within the fenced patio area just outside of the bar. We call this area the “playpen.” The smoking of stinky stuff like cigars, pipes, clove cigarettes, hookahs or anything deemed illegal by the oligarchy, will not be allowed anywhere on our property.


There is a parking lot adjacent to The Vortex-L5P. Any space in this lot designated with a “Vortex Parking” sign is free parking for our patrons, while they are dining at The Vortex. All the other spots in this lot are also available to Vortex customers, but on weekends and certain holidays, there may be a charge to utilize those spaces. Other parking lots are also available throughout Little 5 Points, and there is metered and non-metered parking on the streets.

● Parking Notice

Parking meters do not generally operate on Sunday or holidays, so street parking is free on those days. Wherever you park, please read and obey all posted signage to avoid being ticketed, booted or towed. And always secure your valuables. You’re in the big city, kids.


MARTA operates Atlanta’s public transportation system. The Vortex-L5P is accessible by commuter rail via the Inman Park-Reynoldstown Transit Station, located at 1055 Dekalb Avenue on the East/West line. This train station is 0.8 miles away from our Little 5 Points location, for an approximate walking time of 17 minutes. Bus service is also available throughout the city.

● Ride Sharing Services

Uber and Lyft offer effective transportation to anywhere you’d like to go. We also suggest using taxi service, as another alternative to driving yourself and parking your car. There are also multiple short distance rental services available that utilize mopeds, scooters, bicycles and various other contraptions. They litter the sidewalks everywhere. You can’t miss ‘em.


All seating at The Vortex-L5P is first-come, first-served. We do not take reservations or offer phone-ahead seating. This is the smaller of the two Vortex locations, and is not designed to accommodate large parties. All parties must be complete before seating during any peak business period. Covered patio dining may also be available, weather permitting.


If you have a question about either Vortex location, please review this website BEFORE attempting to contact us directly. Everything you could possibly need to know is on here somewhere. Really. It’s a very thorough website.

● Send Us An Email

If you want to contact the owners directly, please choose from the following two options:

1) CLICK HERE to report an issue with our FOOD or SERVICE.

2) CLICK HERE to submit a general COMMENT or INQUIRY.


Our staff is often too busy to answer the phone, especially during peak business periods. But if you feel that you absolutely must call us, this is the telephone number for The Vortex-L5P: 404-688-1828

● Recording Notice

All telephone calls to The Vortex-L5P may be recorded for quality-control and other purposes.


NOTE: Our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) are generally NOT used as a communication method by our management team. If you really need to contact us, we suggest utilizing the email option described above.


The Laughing Skull Lounge comedy club is located inside the OTHER Vortex location (The Vortex-Midtown). PLEASE NOTE: This venue is independently operated, so The Vortex will NOT be able to assist with inquiries of any kind, including COVID-19 restrictions, or future opening or operating policies. Please click HERE to visit their website, and get information directly from their management team.


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